English for trade fairs

This free lesson will give business English learners all the language support they need to be able to represent their company at an international trade fair, as well as to describe their products and services competently.

I’ve recently set up my own Business English training company, English for Business (www.efbtraining.de) so I’m spending a lot of time at the moment calling potential customers to let them know about my training services.  At one point or another, almost all of us will have spoken to people about what our company does. Around two thirds of the leading world trade fairs in the world take place in Germany where I live, with nine to ten million visitors each year looking to invest in new products and services. Companies invest a lot of money when they send their staff to trade fairs, so it’s important that they are able to represent the organisation they work for effectively. Everything an employee does or says, even if it’s not in the booth, reflects on their company.

Business Englisch foto

It’s important today that employees can use English to promote their company and its products. This involves being able to describe the company’s position in the market, it’s history and it’s position in comparison with competitors. Our learners naturally need to be able to answer questions about specific products and services, demonstrating not just the specific features but also the benefits, which will help a customer, decide to invest their money.

The lesson is available here.  I hope you find it useful – feel free to get in touch!

P.S. If you’re teaching in Germany and would like to give your learners some extra language practice you can point them to my free training: Business English do’s and don’ts. There are interactive Quizlet exercises for each lesson, and I’ll be posting lessons twice a month, for free.


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